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People who are doing remodels on the kitchen and who are looking to replace the refrigerator and oven should consider few things before coming into the store. There are a lot of things you want to think about. People will own 6 cars at the same time they have only one refrigerator.Technology has changed significantly and it wouldn’t hurt if they became a little bit more familiar with what’s available today. Instead of coming and saying what do you have any cooktop. Read a bit, the internet of course is a wonderful place to be exposed but do you want some of the newest technology such as an induction range or an induction cooktop do you want to replace gasping out of electric.  Temper your expectations don’t expect a $30000 kitchen on a $5000 budget. Surprisingly enough fired 7000 can buy you some. Very nice modern appliances from manufacturers like whirlpool like bosch like KitchenAid where there are some great things out there that don’t have to break the bank.



Okay so once they got a good idea of what they want how they want it to work when they come into the store where some things they need to come in a manner to mention things they need to know. when they come in to talk to through that once they’re here dimensions certainly can be helpful, especially if say they have a cooktop that died and they want to replace that Cooke tighten without replacing the counter top the dimensions of what you have will help us guide to a to a cooked up that will take its plane so what’s the deal with scratch and dent appliances now we do have a scratching then department. If you need something right awayyou can go through the scratch and dent and pick a couple things for your project that you’re not going to complete for a year and that’s put the cart before the horse plans will change in that time. So for instance your mother in law’s dishwasher is broken in your wife’s sake you can’t come home to the other you just watch it for now are scratching that is where you want to run flying the wind kicked up a day at home with. But if you’re planning a remodel your kitchen let’s plan the entire kitchen and plan to have the appliances delivered the last now a lot of people when they’re looking at appliances they go online and see rebates are a good thing that save you money.

Yeah that’s one of those double edged question yes they certainly can. Rebates are generally built upon adding product of the same manufacturer anytime your rebates from Boston from cancelling right now require you to buy 3 products. If that’s what you’re doing now if you’re coming in to buy a cooktopand a wall oven and the dishwasher, then you might drive your choice and try the same brand specific within some of these brands to try to maximize that rebate but don’t go out thinking you have to get a rebate you’ll find that pricing is really very competitive wooden. You really want to find the appliances that you’re gonna be comfortable living with for the next 15 years remember you alone for car engine in the same time now you don’t get to trading your appliances, act quickly get the ones that you want to live with.





Okay now would you suggest people kind of shop around we both say they go to Best Buy get some quotes go to factor builder stores get some quotes go to some other started some quotes I mean are they gonna see generally the same pricing around town or is the shopping on something they really need to do Laura can we talk acquired the word Americans an American’s shop yeah we shop whether we go out in the afternoon and hit 11 stores at the mall between lunches. Or we go online and you start shopping. When you shop like that and specially online you’re basically single focus your shopping price. And price doesn’t necessarily equate to a nice kitchen into but it’s still a good idea to get familiar with what’s going out there I can tell you this. Factory builder storage is the absolute leader in the industry and certainly in this state. So you won’t came more by beyond the fact that their stores what you will get it some really good advice when it comes to coordinating a special project. I mean anybody can go out by dishwasher but if you’re thinking of changing your entire kitchen you can’t do that one piece of the time it all needs to work together visually aesthetics are very important what your kitchen look good functionally you gotta be able to get from the scent to the refrigerator to the cooktop and not trip over yourself on the way. Uh that’s where we shine and that’s where we really can’t help so yeah certainly shop a belt. Then come sit down with us when you’re ready to buy. So and lastly what would be your like number one best way to save money on appliance purchases at this college when my wife goes shopping she spends more and tells me how much she saved me. But the truth is the more you spend the more you can Satan of Thermidor has a wonderful package right now if you buy your cooking products they give you the number one rated dishwasher in the world if you add a built in refrigerator they give you one of the very best men puts together to court maintenance so certainly as you spend more you certainly can’t same.

Buying Guide for Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is often much more than just the place where food is prepared. It is the place where food is eaten, the dishes are done and the clothes are washed, and the family gathers together. For many it is the heart of the home. Creating your perfect kitchen starts with the appliances that you place in it. They need to be fit for purpose, as well as fitting into the space and matching any design ideas that you have. How much you can change your kitchen to fit your needs may depend on whether you are a home owner or a tenant, but the right appliances can make all the difference to any kitchen space. Follow this handy guide to get the kitchen of your dreams and the right appliances, both large and small.



How Will Use Your Kitchen?

You need to start by considering how you use your kitchen; do you like to cook lots of exciting dishes with fresh ingredients, or are you more of a microwave meal for one? Do you cook for a large family, two of you, or hold regular parties? This decision won’t just affect the type of oven you choose, but also whether you need a dishwasher and the size of fridge-freezer you opt for. Consider the number of people that will be using the kitchen and what their needs are. Large range style ovens are beautiful, but they take up a lot of space and are unnecessary if there are only two of you the majority of the time.

As your kitchen isn’t just about cooking, consider what else you will need. Will your washing machine go in the kitchen? Do you need a tumble dryer? If you have an outside space to dry clothes, you may only need the dryer in bad weather, in that case you might want to consider a combination washer / dryer.

Apply the same considerations to smaller appliances. Before you rush out to buy the latest coffee bean grinder and percolator, are you going to use it? Do you even drink coffee at home? Making these types of decisions will help prioritise your needs when it comes to considering the space you have available.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Once you have an idea of what you need, you have to marry this up with the space you have available. If you have a small kitchen you may need to get creative with your solutions. Just because a kitchen is small doesn’t mean you have to compromise on everything you need. There are a range of modern slim-line dishwashers that take up very little under counter space. Alternatively, you can get counter top dishwashers that are on average no bigger than a microwave. Built-in ovens, where possible are also great space savers as they allow you to work vertically with the space you have available. Combination appliances, such as washer / dryers also save space.

Another way to deal with a small space is to consider whether the appliance needs to be in the kitchen. Washing machines can be placed in bathrooms, garages and even basements to increase your available space. The same is possible with separate freezers, and condenser tumble dryers can be put in cupboards.

Having too much space can also be a problem. The temptation here is to buy more and fill up the space. Avoid this and instead go for quality over quantity. If you have the space for a bigger freezer, and it is something you would benefit from, then go for this rather than purchasing something else that you don’t need just to fill a blank space. Apply the same ideas to smaller appliances, utilizing cupboard and worktop space carefully to fit those small appliances that you can’t live without.



What Is Your Budget?

Both the space you have and the items you need are reliant on the budget you have to spend. This is where you need to prioritise the most. List the appliances you want to buy in order of how important they are. Remember, some smaller items, although nice to have are not necessities. The toaster is one example; if your oven has a grill, then this will make your morning toast just as easily as a toaster. However, it is the bigger appliances that cost the most and it is these that you need to consider in more detail before making any final decisions.

Ovens, Hobs and Hoods

When looking for your oven the first consideration needs to be the fuel options you have available to you. Does your kitchen have the option of gas, or do you only have electricity outlets in the kitchen? Next consider whether you are looking for a free standing self-contained unit, or separate built in hob and oven. This decision may be partly out of your hands depending on the layout of your kitchen and whether you are a home-owner or renting.

If the choice is yours then a built-in oven and hob are great space savers and have a variety of other benefits.

  • Available as compact, single or double ovens to suit your space
  • Choice of gas, electric or dual fuel
  • Hob can be placed separately to oven giving better use of space

However, a free standing unit also has its advantages

  • Quicker and easier to install
  • Often much cheaper to purchase
  • Also available in a range of sizes
  • Dual fuel, gas and electric models available
  • Great if you have little control over the modelling of your kitchen

Finding a Fridge-freezer

One of the most important aspects to consider with your fridge-freezer is how much space you need inside each part. If you buy fresh food regularly then you will need more space in the fridge. If you tend to do large monthly shops, or cook up meals in advance, then a larger freezer would be an advantage. You also need to consider whether you need a single unit, or individual under the counter units. In addition, when looking for your perfect fridge-freezer consider:

  • The energy rating of the appliance. The more efficient, the less it will cost to run
  • Type of shelving – glass shelves are easier to clean and offer less chance of cross contamination
  • Basket options in the freezer – solid ones, rather than wire, will retain colder temperatures
  • Frost free – this option cuts down on defrosting and general maintenance time
  • Fast freeze – cuts down on ice crystal formation and preserves the quality and nutritional content of your food
  • Added extras – such as water dispensers and ice makers – these ideal if you entertain




Dealing with the Dishes

Washing dishes can feel like a thankless and never ending task, especially if you have a family. An easy answer is to invest in a dishwasher. The variety of sizes that are now available means that it is easier than ever to find a dishwasher that will fit your kitchen space. As well as making life easier a dishwasher will often save you money and cut down on the amount of water you use. However, you do need to check the following before you finalize your decision:

  • Check the plumbing in your kitchen – will you need additional plumbing before you can install a dishwasher
  • Look at the capacity of the dishwasher as well as its external size
  • Check the different wash cycles – do you need options such as half load, economy or intensive washes
  • As with your fridge-freezer look at the energy rating
  • Check elements such as the presence of a cutlery basket and removable racks – will your crockery fit?

Making Room for a Microwave

One of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen is the microwave; from heating up drinks to producing quick meals its uses are almost endless. However, it is also one of the easiest appliances to get wrong. Before you even start to look at microwaves you need to decide what it is you want yours to achieve. Then you need to consider the following:

  • Size – check the size of the internal oven, not just the outside of the appliance. Microwaves are available up to around 1.2 cubic feet; big enough to cook a family casserole. However, they can also be found as small as 0.5 cubic feet; these are only going to fit drinks or individual soup portions.
  • Wattage – ideally you want a high wattage as it will cook quicker and ensure more even cooking of your food. The average for a good microwave is 1000-watts; anything under 700-watts is likely to be inefficient and runs the risk of producing unevenly heated items.
  • Programs – Microwaves can do much more than just heat. They are available with defrost, grill, cooking by time, and by weight. The more options you have available the complex the settings can be to work.
  • Operations – Microwaves are generally either operated by buttons or dials. The choice is really a personal one that depends on your dexterity. Buttons or touch screens tend to be easier, but much depends on the quality and size of the display.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It is very easy to over buy items when it comes to the small appliances in your kitchen. How many of your friends and neighbors have a waffle iron they never use, or a sandwich toaster that is gathering dust? If you are short on space, or on a tight budget think twice before buying anything that you don’t really need. Also as was mentioned earlier, remember that some appliances have dual purposes.

Once you are ready to start looking at individual items there are a few other checks you need to carry out before you commit to buying anything.

  • The product – Always check out the product on the manufacturers site. Look for details on efficiency, usage, size and ease of use. Check that these details match those on the seller’s page. Look for customer reviews of the product. How has it performed in real world situations? If the reviews raise any questions, then ask either the manufacturer or the seller before committing. Also check out the dimensions of each appliance to ensure that they will fit through your doorways and can be easily maneuvered into place.
  • The seller – Take the same approach with the seller. Look at their selling record and reviews of their previous interactions. You can’t expect perfect feedback, but you do want mainly positive feedback before you go ahead with an individual or company. Check elements such as how you can contact them and what their returns policy is, just in case there is a problem. Look to see if there are existing questions on their selling page. If there are, and they haven’t been answered, then consider a different seller.
  • Delivery – Always check for delivery costs. Even the cheapest appliance can end up costing a fortune if you haven’t checked for additional delivery costs. Also look at where and how the item is delivered. Will the seller deliver to your door if you are on a top floor apartment? Do you need to give warning of difficult entrances, stairs or awkward parking?
  • Installation – Some appliances, especially those that run on gas, need to be installed by an engineer. Do you need to organize this separately, or is it included in delivery?
  • Guarantees and warrantees – many items, particularly electrical items will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Look at the terms and conditions of the warranty, and of any extensions to it, before agreeing to part with any additional cash.

By taking the time to choose your kitchen appliances carefully, and by following these tips you will have the kitchen of your dreams. It will combine the appliances you need with perfect use of the space and budget that you have. Moreover, you will have it for years to come, without having to replace unsuitable items and experiencing additional costs.